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The Brief.


Domestic & General were in need of three quick-fire infographics to be used as posts on their social media channels. These infographics would communicate a range of facts to the user regarding Domestic & General's product offering to entice visitors and their customer base to purchase, renew or extend a policy with the company. 

Graphic Design.


Utilising Domestic & General's core branding the infographics made use of typefaces, iconography and core colour palette to communicate the facts and figures needed for the posts. Each graphic had to adhere to a theme that I had designed to feel part of the same series. The 'purple' post showed an equation representing the amount of people who require D&G to attend to appliance breakdowns, resulting in a new appliance being administered and thus, equalling customer satisfaction. The 'green' post represented the D&G customers who would recommend their repair services to a friend or colleague, according to a CSAT survey. Finally the 'blue' post represented the approval rate of requests for a repair made over the phone, by using an icon reflecting that of a customer service employee with a headset. The posts were given the green light of approval and in turn, the each of the graphics were prepared and exported to the Social Media Team to upload.


I was assigned another infographic task to design. This however, was to be showcased to internal teams and employees to summarise the work and achievements surrounding Domestic & General. The infographic would be seen when an employee would log onto Domestic & General's Outlook Live web-email program. Upon requesting and receiving the statistics from the Content Team, I thought of numerous ways of representing this data visually. I kept consistent to the core branding, where possible, utilising icons and typefaces. I wanted to keep the main colours of blue and grey to reflect that of the company's logo, this also allowed me to create enough contrast within the design to ensure legibility. Once the infographic design had been approved, I prepared the document and collaborated with the Development Team to oversee its implementation. I had received praise from my peers from both my team and others for the design.

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