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The Brief.


Domestic & General partners with many clients, one of whom is Acer. The assigned task here was to design the tiles for the anti-virus software app on the Microsoft phone marketplace, in various sizes ranging from desktop to mobile resolutions for the German market.

Graphic Design.


Analysing Acer's visual identity, I adhered closely to its style guide. I opted to apply the green used throughout their branding for the background colour. As white is a secondary branding colour of theirs, I chose to apply this in the icon and text design. A padlock icon was designed to reflect the security connotations that Acer embodies through their anti-virus product. Further to this the icon was placed on top of a shield icon to drive this reference through to the user. The larger tile that would appear as a featured app in the marketplace was to include text to explain at a glance what the app's functionality would offer. This tile was to also feature Acer's logo to become immediately recognisable to would-be users. For the tiles that would appear at smaller dimensions in the marketplace, this text and logo had to be omitted and replaced with simplified text, adhering to the font sizes laid out by Microsoft's App Marketplace guidelines. The designs were well received by Acer, who were the ones to approve them.


Microsoft app marketplace - desktop


Microsoft app marketplace - mobile

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