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The Brief.

Domestic & General partners with Jessops to offer customers a warranty on purchased cameras. The partnership product is the Jessops Care Club, to which I was assigned the task of creating a standalone brochure page for both desktop and mobile resolutions. This page was to highlight the benefits of Jessops Care Club to attract Jessops' customers in purchasing the aforementioned warranty product. The content would be supplied by Domestic & General but would ultimately be signed off by Jessops for approval as the page would sit within their domain. 

UI Conceptualisation.

Adopting a mobile-first approach, the UI was to adhere to Jessops branding to ensure the page complemented the rest of their website. Additionally the user journey would've been jarring should the user navigate towards this page and Domestic & General's branding had been implemented. The content that was supplied consisted of the tagline, a list of benefits and small range of camera images. Through handy browser widgets, I was able to determine what typeface, colour and sizes Jessops used on their site and applied this to the UI's text. For the treatment of the camera images, I used a reflective fade effect and utilised a structural arrangement to create the composition. Furthermore I wanted to use different brands of cameras to connote that type of product Domestic & General provides for. Regarding the list of benefits, iconography was applied and arranged in a grid for desktop and a list for mobile. However the icon family Jessops used were unavailable so Domestic & General icons were to be used. I had to ensure a careful amalgamation of both company's branding elements into the page's design. Considering this, the green colour from their logo was extracted and applied to the icons. Fortunately this contrasted well with the white background and the text colour, it also meant that the branding leaned more in Jessops' direction.

Upon completion of the UI, internal reviews were held before sending to the client. After carrying out a couple minor amendments the desktop and mobile designs was sent over to Jessops where approval was given, along with very positive feedback. Icons, imagery and other assets were then prepared, packaged up and sent over to the client's development team for implementation.

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