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Promotional Campaigns

The Brief - Black Friday Fortnight.


To promote Black Friday deals that Domestic & General were offering, a promotional campaign aptly titled 'Black Friday Fortnight' was launched by the company. As this was the company's inaugural Black Friday promotion, the graphics and design of the campaign had to adhere to brand guidelines but also push boundaries to bring forth an original concept that would grab the user's attention. A banner was required to advertise the offer and would be placed in prominent positions throughout the website, namely the main user journey of purchasing a warranty plan. A roundel was also required to support the main promotional message and to be used as a short-hand version of the offer. These promotional graphics were to be featured on Domestic & General's social media channels as both a cover photo and teaser posts leading up to a competition, which would subsequently be set up by the Social Media Team. Moreover the graphics were to be used in a promotional email campaign, sent out to Domestic & General's UK customers. 

Graphic Design.


To reflect the words 'Black Friday Fortnight', a dark colour scheme was chosen for the campaign theme. A texture consisting of D&G's appliance and technology icons, arranged in a collage, was created to be used as a background image. The primary typeface was applied to the promotion's name whilst opting for a stacked arrangement of the text. The kerning on 'Fortnight' was increased to align with the text placed above it. Similarly the promotion's sub message underneath ran the width of the promo name to create a clean and clear design.


Popular product icons were added as a clickable elements on the hero banner, this would act as a quick-select function and start the user on the main product journey. The icons used alluded to the type of goods the public purchases on Black Friday to increase the likelihood of conversion. A supplementary banner flag was included in the design to house additional promotional information. To contrast with the other elements in the design and stand out to the user, white was chosen as its background.


The remain consistent, the roundel design utilised the same colour scheme, typeface and dashed line border as the banner. A price tag icon with '10% off' was added to the roundel to help create the required short hand version of the promo message. Upon completion of the design I hosted an internal review with the UI Team to gain feedback. After a Q&A session it was discovered that a couple minor amendments needed implementing. The final version was then ready for submission, where a green light was given on the design by management.


I had to ensure that all the various instances the promotional material appeared in were set to the correct dimensions. Consideration towards the website's image dimensions, social media post and profile dimensions, including dimensions set out in the email template, were all made to ensure the design would appear as intended when uploaded to their respective systems. The assets and imagery were prepared to be exported in various formats and sent to the Development, Social Media and Email Coordination Teams for implementation.


Final version of the campaign with icon hover state


Social media teaser post


Campaign featured on D&G's website hero section, wide resolution


Banner design for the main product journey


Campaign design for Facebook's cover photo


Campaign design for the promotional email

The Brief - The Big Spring Clean.


Following the successful Black Friday Fortnight project, management wanted to run another promotional campaign for the Spring time. The campaign's main driver was a competition on social media where customers could interact and win cleaning products. As well as on social media platforms, the promotional content would feature on D&G's home page and throughout the main product journey. It would highlight that the company offers warranty on cleaning appliances and entice users to participate in the social media competition. The design had to have clear connotations towards cleaning and thus, an exploration of branding elements was permitted. 

Graphic Design.


Using Domestic and General's primary brand colour of cyan as a basis for the design, a background texture was designed to represent a scourer; a frayed-edged mask and a coloured overlay were applied to a paper texture to achieve the desired effect. For the name of the promotion, I explored a range of typefaces that would be suitable for achieving a bubble aesthetic. After a round of typeface ideation, I decided upon an appropriate option to apply the gradients and textures to. The text was stacked on top of each other and utilised a left alignment, accompanied by a larger font size and kerning being applied the word 'Big' to sit squarely with other words. To advertise the type of cleaning products that Domestic & General provides warranty on, relevant icons were placed around the promo name. Remaining consistent with the theme, they were placed inside bubbles and set at various angles. This treatment was applied also to the social media icons, which would be clickable and take the user to the relevant platform. Additionally a 'Find Out More' CTA was designed in the style of a bubble to be used on the website's hero banner. Icon-less bubbles were placed around the design to add texture, depth and fill in the empty spaces where applicable. 

The arrangement of the promo graphics adhered to the dimensions set out on the website to be used as banners. These banners included real life imagery of marigold cleaning gloves, holding a scourer sponge and cleaning products. The intention was to balance out the iconography and typography present in the design. On social media, the graphics were arranged to fit the dimensions of Facebook's cover photo and social posts. These social posts would also include the use of real-life imagery of the products that could be won as part of the competition, so that users could gauge what they could potentially win and entice them to take part.

When the promotional designs were ready for review, an internal review took place to gain feedback and suggest areas for improvement. Upon making the necessary tweaks to the graphics, the finalised version was then ready for review by management. When approval was given, I set out to prepare the icons, typography, background and imagery arrangements to be sent to the relevant, internal teams who would upload and implement the designs for the launch of the campaign.


Final version of the campaign design


Various social media assets. Top - Facebook cover photo. Left - large Facebook post. Right - standard Twitter post 

Banner design for the main product journey


Campaign design featured on D&G's website hero section, wide resolution

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